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June 2008


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Jun. 25th, 2008



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It has been sometime indeed, many years have passed since I last logged into my journal. I have been doing my travels, visiting my family mostly and helping them out. Since I can no longer use advanced spells I had to take the time to travel to and from. They didn't recognize me at first or thought it wasn't me because I had ascended. It was very enjoyable to spend such nice long times there. After I returned to the shop nothing has been selling, but a friend needed a place to store some animals so I had some construction done and we changed our lovable Po'shuns & Things to Po'shuns' Animals. We sell animals, plus I always like animals too. They're very cute little birds and other things.

I still train all the time as it is part of my daily routine. Since in my new form I have to relearn many things. I remember everything, but its always good to practice on certain things some more. I'm still out and about doing my errands for the angel in the Bastion of Light. I'm trying to keep the darkness down. Apparently more harsh words between the different faiths of Light has popped up again and this time Lady Lii was killed. This angel who slayed her I no longer trust. How can one from the Light slay another? What destruction shall this angel bring next? Disgusting, so far two angels in Lord Eladar's faith have spoke against Lady Lii and now she is dead. Them two are not setting good examples for our race, in fact they are making us Angels look bad. My Goddess Azshanna has voiced her opinion to some of the angels and how they should be respected for being a good role model. My friend Caddem was one of them. I'm very happy for him. She did not get to finish she said, because people kept bothering her about it so she stopped. How rude of them to try to voice down the opinion of a Goddess especially my own. I wonder what is becoming of this world, further more I wonder why the angel who killed Lady Lii is still an angel? He should be struck down and wings taken away from him for doing such an evil thing! But apparently the Immortals think otherwise and I shall not think of this subject anymore. I do not wish to anger the Immortals with my simple mortal wonderings.

As for now I shall pause my quill and run some more errands for the Angel. At least I shall remain faithful to the Light and keep my vows I took befoure becoming an Angel.

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